Ink: Do More Art por Bridget Davies

Ink: Do More Art por Bridget Davies
Titulo del libro : Ink: Do More Art
Autor : Bridget Davies

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Bridget Davies con Ink: Do More Art

Críticas ""If you want to learn how to use ink, then this is the book for you! Ink: Do More Art by Bridget Davies explores the use of ink across painting, illustration and lettering. It's perfect for artists of all abilities."" -- Take a Break Reseña del editor Ink is the first in an exciting new practical-art series on popular mediums, including acrylic, oil, pencil and gouache. The books will cover painting techniques, creative ideas and applications, and the fun of mixing with other mediums. Many of the techniques and ideas will be demonstrated through the work of some of the world's greatest artists and illustrators. The first book explores ink's use in painting, illustration and lettering. With its contemporary aesthetic and accessible content, the series will appeal to artists of all abilities. Ver Descripción del producto