Date Night Cookbook por Rebecca Warbis

Date Night Cookbook por Rebecca Warbis
Titulo del libro : Date Night Cookbook
Autor : Rebecca Warbis
ISBN : 1849538719

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Rebecca Warbis con Date Night Cookbook

Date nights should be breathtaking occasions filled with fun, flirting and, most importantly, food! Date Night Cookbook provides the perfect foodie accompaniments to your romantic plans, from baked bananas on the beach at sunset to campfire goodies underneath the stars. But whatever you do, do it with love. Be it with your partner, fiance, spouse or just a good friend, these DIY dates are creative, inexpensive and memorable. Happy cooking! #datenightcookbook


‘This book does what any good travel book should do, not only do you feel that you are there, it makes you want to go to that place at the first opportunity’

(Westin Gourmet Blog)

‘these DIY date ideas are creative, inexpensive and memorable.’

(Great British Food)

‘full of great recipes for alternative date nights and days’

(Sparkles at Midnight Blog)

‘The Date Night Cookbook is a stunning book, full of beautiful chic photography and recipes for mouthwatering meals’

(A Literary Cocktail)

Rebecca Warbis has been an avid foodie from a young age, totally inspired by her favorite chef - her dad! After meeting her other half, she found DIY dating was the way to go and founded Date Night Cookbook. Rebecca is a graduate of Commercial Photography and wrote, photographed and art directed the Date Night Cookbook.