My Tata's Remedies / Los remedios de mi Tata por Roni Capin Rivera-Ashford

My Tata's Remedies / Los remedios de mi Tata por Roni Capin Rivera-Ashford
Titulo del libro : My Tata's Remedies / Los remedios de mi Tata
Autor : Roni Capin Rivera-Ashford

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Roni Capin Rivera-Ashford con My Tata's Remedies / Los remedios de mi Tata

Críticas ""[Roni Capin] Rivera-Ashford offers another semiautobiographical and child-friendly recounting of the importance of sharing intergenerational wisdom, this time accompanied by Castro L.'s expressive illustrations. ... So many cultural treasures are dependent on word-of-mouth transmission, and this story encourages grandparents to lovingly pass on their knowledge to eager grandchildren and family members."" --Kirkus Reviews ""In our overprescribed, overstimulated, overscheduled lives, author Roni Capin Rivera-Ashford reminds us about family traditions, cross-cultural and inter-generational support, building community, and taking the time to share, listen, and heal one another. ... Illustrator Antonio Castro L.'s signature style -- minutely detailed, meticulously thorough, richly colored -- enhances the realism of Rivera-Ashford's story. Aaron could be part of your family, or your nearby neighbor; Tata could be your grandfather (if you were so lucky), or he could be a valued part of your wider community. Together, writer and artist capture the every day ... and celebrate the Santo remedios -- magical cures -- whether medicinal, cultural, emotional, and otherwise, that we can all share with one another."" --Terry Hong, Smithsonian Book Dragon Blog ""Remarkable, realistic watercolor illustrations reveal the emotions felt by the sufferers, while the bilingual text conveys Tata's expertise in alleviating their discomfort and in teaching his grandson about natural remedies. ... An illuminating glimpse into a tradition not often addressed in children's literature."" --Maryann Owen, Booklist ""My Tata's Remedies"" is a beautiful bicultural book presenting healing herb lore laced with love in an Hispanic tradition, with roots in the American Southwest. --Midwest Book Review ""In both English and Spanish, the book is practical and useful, as well as entertaining for children."" --Molly Kincaid, Edible Baja Arizona ""The book sheds light on the rich knowledge of how our natural environment offers solutions to our ailments ... through this process, we see how children are apprenticed to the knowledge that is passed down through generations of healers."" --Laura Roy, International Literacy Association ""Told in both Spanish and English, this book is a great introduction to natural healing practices and the use of medicinal plants."" --Kiss The Book ""In this beautifully constructed book, the topic of traditional natural medicine takes center stage ... Roni Rivera-Ashford portrays a loving intergenerational relationship between Tata Gus and Aaron, one in which wisdom and knowledge are patiently passed down from grandfather to grandson."" --Consortium of Latin American Studies Programs ""Rather than a typical European ""beginning-conflict-resolution"" children's story that tells rather than shows, this beautiful book shows how oral teaching of traditional herbal remedies is transmitted across generations of community."" --Beverly Slapin, De Colores: The Raza Experience in Books for Children Reseña del editor ""This charming little book will introduce young readers to safe and effective natural remedies from the native traditions of the American Southwest. A good way to learn about the healing power of plants.""--Andrew Weil, MD Aaron has asked his grandfather Tata to teach him about the healing remedies he uses. Tata is a neighbor and family elder. People come to him all the time for his soothing solutions and for his compassionate touch and gentle wisdom. Tata knows how to use herbs, teas, and plants to help each one. His wife, Grandmother Nana, is there too, bringing delicious food and humor to help Tata's patients heal. An herbal remedies glossary at the end of the book includes useful information about each plant, plus botanically correct drawings. Roni Capin Rivera-Ashford grew up in Nogales on the Arizona-Mexico border. Born into a pioneering Jewish family with roots in Eastern Europe, Roni embraced the languages, cultures, and people on both sides of the border. Now a retired bilingual educator, her first book, My Nana's Remedies / Los Remedios de mi Nana, is a classic, a parent's and teacher's friend for teaching children traditional values. Antonio Castro L. is nationally recognized for his illustrations of books by Joe Hayes. Teaming up with his son, book designer Antonio Castro H., he uses his exacting illustrative skills to bring to life this story of family and plants. Born in Zacatecas, Mexico, Antonio has lived in the Juarez--El Paso area for most of his life. Ver Descripción del producto