The Selling Of An Artist's Art por Paul Patrick Robinson

The Selling Of An Artist's Art por Paul Patrick Robinson
Titulo del libro : The Selling Of An Artist's Art
Autor : Paul Patrick Robinson

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Paul Patrick Robinson con The Selling Of An Artist's Art

How to sell your own art. This manual is designed to be used by the artists who are as yet undiscovered by the top-flight art galleries. However, It also covers how to be more assured of success if you do get into a big-city gallery or even a small-town picture store. It will show you the insider tricks that let you cut out the middle-man, including setting up your own studio web site.Let’s face it, depending upon where you are on your own career path and the level of your expertise, your artwork just might not be ready to be shown and sold by a commercial art gallery. But that certainly doesn’t mean that you’ll be doomed to the role of an unknown “starving-artist”. Not if you are willing to take the step that will set you apart from all the other artists who are attempting to sell their fair share to the art market.Almost a million artists in the U.S. alone are trying to sell their art; out of their homes, on the streets, in a hotel lobby, on a restaurant wall, in a gallery --- whatever venue they can find to display their work. It would seem that the problem is two-fold; exposure and the ability to sell outside of the traditional art gallery setting. One of the game-changers in this regard for the artist and artisan is the Internet. The Internet is all about removing the need for a middleman between you and your collector.