A Life in the Air (English Edition) por Bruce Comstock

A Life in the Air (English Edition) por Bruce Comstock
Titulo del libro : A Life in the Air (English Edition)
Fecha de lanzamiento : October 23, 2013
Autor : Bruce Comstock
Número de páginas : 333
Editor : Willow Press

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Bruce Comstock con A Life in the Air (English Edition)

A series of chance incidents diverted Bruce Comstock from a career teaching economics into a life of ballooning adventures. Not content just to enjoy flying with friends, over the following 35 years he won championships, guided the early development of the sport, resurrected Ballooning magazine, set world records, built a major balloon manufacturing company, created the autopilot that made possible the first solo nonstop balloon flight around the world, and made many remarkable balloon flights.

Praise for A Life in the Air…

Never before has there been such a book, so honest and so revealing
of one man’s passion for aerostation. Happy, humble, joyous,
contrite, proud, and enthusiastic, it will surely stimulate others just
as he was immediately converted by the sight, no more and no less,
of one airborne balloon, a road to Damascus event that has never let
him go.

~ Anthony Smith, adventurer, explorer,
and best-selling author

This is a life-affirming book—a fascinating insight into the mind and (often crazy) antics of a master of his craft. Bruce Comstock’s achievements are extraordinary. In A Life in the Air he takes the reader with him on his adventures—breaking worlds records, winning competitions, and achieving many first in the world of balloon flying. The pursuit of his dreams is recounted with humor and a refreshing modesty, while not disguising the strategic thinking and attention to detail that single Bruce out from the crowd.

~Judy Leden, adventurer, hang-gliding and paragliding multiple world
champion and world record setter, author of Flying With Condors

A Life in the Air is a look at the life of America’s greatest balloonist and the indelible mark he made on the sport and science of ballooning.

~Brian Lawler, editor, Ballooning magazine 1979-84

A Life in the Air is an engaging tale, especially of the evolution of competitive ballooning, and of a talented and focused man who lived it. More than a collection of stories of Bruce Comstock, his family and their cadre of ballooning friends, this book reveals how one man’s passion and creativity shaped a life that forever changed one corner of aviation.

~Al Nels, multiple world and U.S. national hot air balloon champion

Perfection is unachievable, but don’t tell Bruce! He never perceives
a challenge to be too great. Experience, ingenuity, and astonishing
analytical skills have led him to excel in all aspects of ballooning.
Entertaining, inspirational, and insightful, this book eloquently
chronicles Bruce’s adventures. More important, it gives the reader
insight into his methods and thought processes, which have
consistently produced world-class results.

~ Troy Bradley, transatlantic balloonist
and prolific balloon record setter

To read Bruce’s story of a life in the air is a true pleasure. When I
started balloon competition in 1978, it was Bruce Comstock who set
the bar. I strived to achieve similar accomplishments over a 25-year
career. His tales of competition and record flights are riveting and a
definite read for all LTA pilots, whether competitors, record setters,
or just fun fliers.

~ David Levin, world and national hot air balloon
and gas balloon champion

What a story! In 1987, as the national championship rookie of
the year, I stood on the stage next to Bruce Comstock, who had
just won his sixth U.S. national hot air balloon championship.
I resolved then to match that record, and it has taken 26 years
to pull within one win of being the only person to do that.
What makes the story told in this book even more amazing
are Bruce’s many other equally remarkable achievements in
ballooning. A fantastic life adventure!