Images (New Problems of Philosophy) (English Edition) por John V. Kulvicki

Images (New Problems of Philosophy) (English Edition) por John V. Kulvicki
Titulo del libro : Images (New Problems of Philosophy) (English Edition)
Fecha de lanzamiento : November 12, 2013
Autor : John V. Kulvicki
Número de páginas : 242
Editor : Routledge

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John V. Kulvicki con Images (New Problems of Philosophy) (English Edition)

The nature of representation is a central topic in philosophy. This is the first book to connect problems with understanding representational artifacts, like pictures, diagrams, and inscriptions, to the philosophies of science, mind, and art.

Can images be a source of knowledge? Are images merely conventional signs, like words? What is the relationship between the observer and the observed? In this clear and stimulating introduction to the problem John V. Kulvicki explores these questions and more. He discusses:

  • the nature of pictorial experience and "seeing in"

  • recognition, resemblance, pretense, and structural theories of depiction

  • images as aids to scientific discovery and understanding

  • mental imagery and the nature of perceptual content

  • photographs as visual prostheses.

In so doing he assesses central problems in the philosophy of images, such as how objects we make come to represent other things, and how we distinguish kinds of representation - pictures, diagrams, graphs - from one another. Essential reading for students and professional philosophers alike, the book also contains chapter summaries, annotated further reading, and a glossary.