The Golf Swing of the Future por Mindy Blake

The Golf Swing of the Future por Mindy Blake
Titulo del libro : The Golf Swing of the Future
Fecha de lanzamiento : May 1, 2014
Autor : Mindy Blake
Número de páginas : 112
Editor : Souvenir Press

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Mindy Blake con The Golf Swing of the Future

A controversial but widely acclaimed technique that could revolutionise any golfer's game. In athletics developments in technique have improved performances dramatically, yet before Mindy Blake no instructor had looked at golf from the point of view of athletics. Mindy Blake believed that "golf is purely a matter of technique" and was the first golf instructor to look at improving a golfer's technique by studying what they could learn from other sports (as well as understanding the science behind such sporting techniques). Looking at developments in events such as shot putting and pole vaulting Mindy Blake began to challenge conventional ideas of golfing technique. The result was controversial but it has revolutionised the game of all who have tried it. In athletics legs are the source of the athlete's power but it is their body which channels that power, Mindy Blake has created a technique that is based on athletic principles and which will dramatically improve the swing of a golfer of any standard. The line drawings make this book the ideal guide for anyone who wants to know how to improve their swing.