How The Tennis Gods Move (English Edition)

How The Tennis Gods Move (English Edition)
Titulo del libro : How The Tennis Gods Move (English Edition)
Fecha de lanzamiento : March 22, 2015
Número de páginas : 267

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How The Tennis Gods Move (English Edition)

Discover the secret to every great shot in this visual display of the tennis gods of today. See how the world's greatest players generate brilliant, explosive shotmaking through proven methods of movement fundamentals. Easy to learn functional training exercises are also revealed that will help you move like the tennis gods.

“In today’s game, one thing is for sure - the best players are also the best movers. How the Tennis Gods Move is a must read for those who not only wish to improve their game, but better understand the mechanics & elements of better movement.”

- Allistair McCaw, Movement Specialist to Grand Slam Champions & Olympians. McCaw Method Sports Performance

"McCain has written a humorous & insightful book on movement mechanics with up to date analysis & helpful information for all of us to help us move like the Gods. The drawings & pictures give clear visuals of what exactly is happening with the movement of the top players with training exercises & hints on how we can use their techniques. This book is applicable to beginners, advanced players, novice coaches & master professionals. I highly recommend it.”

- Bruce Gullikson, President USPTA Northern Division

"McCain's book How the Tennis God's Move is the end all be all textbook for understanding & duplicating world class tennis player movement. What makes this book standout is that McCain showcases his true teaching talent by making advanced & highly misunderstood concepts recognizable to any student of any playing level. Footwork is a critical component to great play. When reading this book, I can unequivocally say that you have already taken that first step to raising your level.”

- Kyle LaCroix, USPTA Elite Professional, USPTA Clinician & the 2014 National Tester of The Year, Head Tennis Professional at The Oaks At Boca Raton