Forever Chic (English Edition) por Caroline Cox

Forever Chic (English Edition) por Caroline Cox
Titulo del libro : Forever Chic (English Edition)
Fecha de lanzamiento : February 11, 2016
Autor : Caroline Cox
Número de páginas : 224
Editor : Quadrille

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Caroline Cox con Forever Chic (English Edition)

Fifty-something and fabulous Caroline Cox is not prepared to give up the spotlight without the fiercest of fights. Let it be known that this particular author has perused the bookshelves and found them wanting. Where are the style guides for the glamorous older woman? Where are the tips which will give us ‘oomph’ and ‘va-va voom’ rather than skimmed milk and a face full of Botox? Where is the guide for the woman who wants to age enjoyably cocktail in hand surrounded by admiring swains rather than stretched out at a clinic with her face being stitched into a desperate rictus grin? In her inimitable style (and aided by the wise words of her ageless Hollywood heroines) Ms Cox provides a book chock full of her own tips hints beauty and fashion advice for glamorous women. And remember her mantra ‘Miles on the Clock Means Much More Fun!’ In the pages of this meticulously researched entertaining and indispensable book you will learn how to reclaim your spotlight – and the new Fashion Maxims for the glamorous grown-up will show how any body shape can look good. You will be exhorted to ‘Hold the botox!’ because a series of miraculous make-up tricks will make you look younger in minutes – without the need for anaesthetic. And when you are feeling bright-eyed and bushy tailed ready to get back ‘out there’ after being dumped divorced or worse this book will help you be a modern Mrs Robinson – but without the messy moral ending.