MAHABHARATHA KADHAMRUTHAM: (Patanam) (Malayalam Edition) por K Vivekanandan

MAHABHARATHA KADHAMRUTHAM: (Patanam) (Malayalam Edition) por K Vivekanandan
Titulo del libro : MAHABHARATHA KADHAMRUTHAM: (Patanam) (Malayalam Edition)
Fecha de lanzamiento : June 10, 2017
Autor : K Vivekanandan
Número de páginas : 217
Editor : PluzWorld

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K Vivekanandan con MAHABHARATHA KADHAMRUTHAM: (Patanam) (Malayalam Edition)

Mahabharata Kadhamrutham (The Essence of Mahabharata) is an attempt to explore the truth hidden in the Great Indian Epic: Mahabharata.
There are numerous books and articles based on Mahabharata that have already been published.
All such books either narrate the story with great exaggeration or try to search in vain for the divinity in every action. They never talk about the true essence of Mahabharata. They look at the epic Mahabharata from a Hindu point of view, which always blinds their ability to see the fact that makes Mahabharata a great epic.
In this book the author narrates each story very briefly, starting from the Deva-Asura war, the incarnations on earth, walking through their endless struggle to liberate earth from its burden and ending with their re-union in Heaven. The whole story is narrated in the right order without compromising on its quality or beauty. Along with the story, while narrating it, the author leads the readers through a new path which none has ever dared to walk through. As the reading continues, the reader gets the vision of the right path to be taken to understand the Mahabharata stories.
Nothing is added ... Nothing is deducted ... Only the truth is revealed in eachand every story. Understand and accept the reality as it is. Then only one can be real. Remember only the real will survive. Mahabharata is treated for ever as A Great Epic only because of this.
This book is an attempt to help you realize this fact. Unfortunately this book is written in the Malayalam language and the opportunity is currently limited to Malayalees (Keralites) only.
Happy Reading.