Secrets: Mystery and Suspense (English Edition) por James Kipling

Secrets: Mystery and Suspense (English Edition) por James Kipling
Titulo del libro : Secrets: Mystery and Suspense (English Edition)
Fecha de lanzamiento : October 14, 2018
Autor : James Kipling
Número de páginas : 91

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James Kipling con Secrets: Mystery and Suspense (English Edition)

A raft of secrets, lies, suspicious characters.

A gripping story full of action, suspense, mystery, plot twists.

Twenty-six-year-old Nicholas Clarke is lucky in both love and life. With a beautiful, live-in girlfriend, Yvonne Phillips, and secure in his dream job as a violinist with the Opera House Symphony, his future blazes with hope. The world is his oyster until the night he finds a creepy surprise in the back seat of his car. Terrified and suddenly mistrustful of Yvonne to snoop through her purse, Nicholas disappears one evening. When his body appears floating in a local lake, Detectives Ray Jones and Lisa Andrews catch the case. Combined with the horrifying death of Jennifer Nichols, a dancer in the Opera House Ballet Company, the case expands to reveal a raft of secrets, lies, and suspicious characters.

The only connecting link between the two homicides is a mysterious character: Sandra Davis. Jones and Andrews work together, and through their individual personal issues, to find a solution – and a killer.

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