I'm Just a Teenage Punchbag por Jackie Clune

I'm Just a Teenage Punchbag por Jackie Clune
Titulo del libro : I'm Just a Teenage Punchbag
Autor : Jackie Clune

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Jackie Clune con I'm Just a Teenage Punchbag

Warning!! This book may lead you to make rash and life-changing decisions!* *Probably don't read if you fear you may be ripe for liberation. Or if you sometimes wee when you laugh...Teenage Zombies are ruining what's left of Ciara's once (marginally enjoyable) existence. They are sapping her (admittedly menopausal) life force with their death stares, their slack-mouthed derision, their staggering sense of outraged entitlement.Ciara is 50 and invisible to her vile teenage children and her husband who is more boring, vaguely unappealing flatmate than love's young dream. Her only solace is the daily chat with her dead mum's ashes. When she starts writing a blisteringly honest but unpublishable blog in an attempt to cling on to her diminishing sanity, she has no idea what demons she will unleash...Ciara must face the consequences of her truth telling and when she finds herself family-free in New York, with the help of a cool, straight talking woman she's encountered she starts to discover who she is, and to remember what really makes her happy.